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Becoming an internationally certified Tech Pro with global employability while studying in Egypt is possible!


Sponsored Tuition

All placements are sponsored for students from the African continent with a minimal admin fee.


Be job-ready and gain worldwide employability

Get certified by industry leaders, learn the technical know-how, and the leadership and management skills top-tier employers require.


Access to an exclusive career incubator

Worldwide job opportunities via our talent placement platform The ROOM are waiting for you after graduation.

Choose your Tech Track and kick-start your career in the fastest growing industries!

Ai career-1-1-2-1
6 weeks / 20h per week / online
Ai Career Essentials (AiCE)
This fully funded intro program combines various AI tools with essential career skills. You will learn how to position yourself in the job market and how to use AI to reduce your workload and save expenses.
5 months / 20h per week / online
Data Analytics
This programme is developed in partnership with ExploreAI, a leader in online data analytics education, and is specifically designed for people with little or no experience in data.
6 months / 20h per week / online
AWS Cloud Computing
The ALX Cloud Computing programme is developed and maintained by Amazon Web Service, the market leader in cloud technologies. Suitable for beginners as well as up-skillers.
6 months / 20h per week / online
Back-End Web Development
This programme teaches languages like JavaScript and Python and data management tools like SQL. This hands-on, project-based learning style prepares you to work as a backend developer after graduation. Suitable for beginners.
6 months / 20h per week / online
Front-End Web Development
You will learn the basics of writing code in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, while also focusing on how to design user-friendly websites through UI/UX design and store your code with GitHub. Built to take you from novice to a job-ready developer.
6 months / 20h per week / online
Salesforce Administrator
This beginner-friendly programme is the gateway to entering digital marketing by becoming an expert in Salesforce, the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform, cloud marketing, and data management.

What our Learners say:

Mariam small
"An outstanding learning journey!"
I wasn't expecting that the curriculum would develop me not only as a professional, but also as a person. Learning with ALX is an outstanding journey that prepares you for your career.

Mariam Awad

Data Analytics

medium (1)
"The perfect fit and a network of professionals!"
I found myself lacking essential skills and a reliable network. ALX happened to be the perfect opportunity for me to enhance my skills and enter a local network of professionals, that pushed me to explore new horizons.

Kareem Ahmed Farrag

Software Engineering

IMG_6991 - Nayera Badr (1)
"I wasn't a techy and I still made it!"
As I come from a non-technical background, I wanted to learn about cloud computing and ALX has provided me with everything needed, from knowledge checks, to expert sessions.

Nayera Badr

AWS Cloud Computing

IMG_8454 - Omar Gneedy (1)
"My ALX journey surpassed my expectations! "
Everyone felt connected with the community, it was a familial environment with a positive atmosphere. ALX members have enriched my learning journey, making the program truly rewarding.

Omar Genedy

Data Science

3efbb46a-d5c8-4b2b-b8d0-96236425c72f (1)
"A significant experience for career advancement!"
The Salesforce track offered by ALX had a huge positive impact on my professional career. Not only did it sharpen my skills but also empowered me to lead a new team within my current company.

Mohamed Raslan

Salesforce Administrator

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-06 at 4.14.21 PM - Abdulrahman El-Naggar (1)
"An absolutely enriching experience!"
This track was very engaging and enriching where we focused on a range of diverse and very important topics, guided by excellent instructors through a beautiful platform.

Abd El-Rahman El-Naggar

Data Science

Graduate with ALX and find worldwide job opportunities via The ROOM.

We placed many of our graduates in leading companies around the world via our career incubator The ROOM.


There are a few specific criteria potential learners must meet to qualify for our funded tech programmes.

Group 84508470
Vector (7)

18-34 years old

Vector (7)

A laptop or desktop computer with access to a stable internet connection

Vector (7)

Of African origin

Vector (7)

Ability to write and speak English proficiently


Our ALX Tech Labs

Co-working, Connecting and Growth!

With ALX you have full optional access to our physical spaces where you can enhance your online learning and join a community of like-minded individuals in a state-of-the-art co-working environment. Deepen your knowledge through in-person expert and mentor sessions, and build a powerful network of young professionals.


At ALX We Make Leaders, Not Learners!

The ALX Foundations module is “ALX's special sauce”. It is designed to give our graduates a strong advantage in the job market. During this module, we are providing a curated combination of skill sets that are highly desired by employers and required in an international and remote work environment. 

image 255

Join the Tech Movement!

Over 40% of job announcements during 2022 were related to digitalization. By 2030 the world expects to face a global shortage of more than 85 million tech workers. Our fully online programmes provide all the skills you need to find an entry-level job in the Tech field, even if you don't have prior experience.


More Questions?

What is ALX?

ALX offers job-ready training in the tech fields employers need most. ALX, in partnership with The ROOM, is brought to you by the organisation that leads African Leadership Academy, African Leadership University, and Anzisha Prize Foundation.

How can I get in touch with ALX Africa to answer the questions I have?

Please ask LEA our Learning Experience Assistant for more information and answers to any additional questions.

What is your selection process like?

The ALX Selection Process is a two-step online process. First applicants will be required to complete a registration form which will take a few minutes to complete. Once this has been submitted, applicants will be directed to our online application platform. The application will take approximately 90 mins to complete and consists of three sections; including an English proficiency test. Applicants will also receive access to the online application via email. Your link to the application is personal and therefore cannot be shared.

Why do I have to pay an admin fee?

The low-cost, one-time administration fee helps ALX as we continue to grow our robust online and in-person infrastructure for learners. Our city Hubs can continue to provide learners with access to state-of-the-art tech and infrastructure, providing a space for collaboration and study that is unmatched. We can also maintain our online portal to make it easier for students to access our vast tech community. The administration fee helps us keep our online portal, modern infrastructure, and career network up and running.

Am I able to go to the Hubs?

Attending the in-person hubs is a benefit of the ALX learning experience. The in-person co-working spaces are designed to provide accountability, peer support, and the opportunity for face-to-face interaction and networking. This is intended to boost productivity and help individuals achieve their goals.

Are there any costs to enroll?

Our partnership with the Mastercard Foundation means that we can offer eligible African learners sponsored access to our world-class training programmes. If you meet our eligibility criteria and pass the admission test you will not be required to pay the programme costs, but only an admin fee. 2024 Program administration fees will be published in January 2024.

Which programme do you recommend I apply for?

The perfect programme for you really depends on your own interests. Our Tech Lite programmes are a great starting point to figure out your next career move. If you’re interested in coding and building websites, Front-End Web Development or Back-End Development might be for you. For those interested in manipulating large data sets or working with customer data, Data Analytics or Salesforce might be a good choice.

How do I join your sessions?

By enrolling in one of our programmes, you gain access to a world of opportunity. This includes access to our local Tech Hubs situated in 8 cities across the African continent. There, you can attend lectures and masterclasses, network with other tech professionals, and co-work in a state-of-the-art space. After completing your course, you will still be able to access these perks, as you will automatically be part of the ALX Fellowship, which helps learners further their career after completing their programme.

Is your programme really for beginners?

Our Tech Lite programmes are designed for absolute beginners. Our Intro to Software Engineering programme, for example, will teach you the basics of coding and programming, starting from the ground up. All Tech Lite programmes are beginner-friendly and do not require any previous tech knowledge.

Do I get a diploma or degree?

After completing our Tech Lite programmes, you will receive a certificate from our issuing partner. Upon successful completion of AWS Cloud Computing, you will receive a Cloud Practitioner certificate, issued by Amazon Web Services. After completing the Salesforce Administrator programme, you will receive a Salesforce Administrator certificate directly from Salesforce. ExploreAI will also issue you a Data certificate after you successfully complete the Data Analytics programme. Last, on completion of Intro to Software Engineering, you will receive a certificate of completion from ALX.

I’m still working/a student, can I still join an ALX programme?

Our various programmes require different time commitments to complete. Our Tech Lite programmes are designed specifically to cater to learners who might have other commitments – like school or a job – to tend to. So long as you are dedicated to the programme, you can make it work.

Additionally, there are no live lectures or classes to attend. Instead, programmes consist of recorded lectures, chats in online forums, and milestone-led coursework. This means that you can choose to learn at your own pace and a time that suits your schedule best.

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